Baby Oliver Caught in the Snow!

28 Jan 2011
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In December I had the pleasure of photographing 4 week old Baby Oliver. Mum, Dad and Nan were due to visit on the 20th to view the wonderful photos. The 20th of December was the day South Wales stood still! The snow was so heavy that all viewings were cancelled and baby Oliver’s photos didn’t get view till into the new year. Even so, Mum and Dad were delighted and the results were excellent. I must say, a very proud Dad when he saw the photo of Oliver on his arm! Here are some of the photos from this session from the studio in Cardiff. Newborn baby photographer based in.

Luca Newborn Photography Session in the Cardiff Studio

05 Jan 2011
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My first photography session of the new year was with this little charmer Luca. Mum and Dad had a wonderful time in the Cardiff Studio. Such a nice first shoot with such a small baby to welcome in the first New Year for the Cardiff photography studio. Newborn Baby Photographer Cardiff