Manipulating Photographs

22 Dec 2009
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The process of preserving a memory into a portrait is called photography.  Camera is the main tool as it has lens that captures the wavelengths of a certain image illuminated by the light.  Some people are on to photography because it’s their hobby but there are some who are earning a living from it as well. Photography is basically an art.  The primary agenda of photography is to keep the story of a certain event for years to come.  A picture can narrate a story thus photography must be entertaining, too.  For a fact, when pictures were just taken in a random manner there is a tendency that the story.

First Birthday Photographs

13 Dec 2009

The Magician known as Cardiff Photographer First birthdays are very special. Not just for the birthday kid but also for the parents as it’s a feeling of utmost happiness to see your little one take the first step towards becoming a boy. And of course, for all these reasons and more, you would want it captured in your memories for ever. There was this birthday party I had attended at Cardiff, where the emotions I have shared above were all present, but then a few weeks later when we re-grouped to see some photographs, we were sadly greatly disappointed! The photographs just didn’t do justice, and am sure a lot.